Schools in the Community

Before 1920

1920 - 1969

1970 - 1985


Lincoln Elementary

Lakeland High


Moorehead School

Pickett Kiddieland

Rochelle Grammar

Rochelle Junior High

Rochelle High

Rochelle Adult School

Washington Park School

Washington Park High

Rochelle Elementary

Washington Park High

Washington Park High was established in the late 1920s under the leadership of Mr. Edward Murray.  It was the fourth of five high schools for Blacks in the State of Florida.


The high school was known for it's academic excellence as well as athletic achievement.  Each year the school produced graduates, even though the Black school was not open during harvest season in order for the students to work in the agricultural industry.


The 1948-1949 academic year was the last year the school was known as Washington Park High.  In 1949, the Black high school and grammar school were renamed after William A. Rochelle, a well respected educator in the Black community.  In 1950, the school relocated nearby on Dakota Avenue to a new facility.



Black Principals & Assistants

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Mr Lewis


Asst Principal

Mr Coleman

Mr Murray

Mr Webb

Mr Conoly

Mr Roberts

Mr Taylor

Black Teachers

Ms Adderly

Ms Alexander

Mr Balloon

Mr Bell

Mr Brown

Ms Bunch

Ms Chestang

Ms Colbert

Ms Gillings

Mr Graham

Ms Griffin

Ms Gilchrest

Ms Coleman

Mr Brown

Ms Hill

Ms Jenkins

Ms McCann

Mr McCann

Ms McNair

Mr McArthur

Ms Joe

Ms McPherson

Mr Meade

Ms Newton

Mr Newton

Ms Ortiz

Ms Newton

Mr Mills

Ms Pace

Ms Peterson

Mr Roberts

Mr Saylor

Ms Smith

Mr Roberts

Ms Postell

Mr Spears

Mr Strong

Ms Webb

Ms Williams

Ms Williams

Mr Williams

Mr. Wilson

Black Graduates

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