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First Baptist Institutional

Beulah Missionary


Greater New Jerusalem

Greater St Paul Missionary

Harmony Missionary

Macedonia Primitive

Mount Calvary

Mount Sinai

New Mount Zion

Pilgrim Rest Missionary

St Luke's Freewill

Zion Hill

Zion Hill Baptist Church


Current Pastor

Zion Hill was establish in 1900, by Elder M. McCarter.  The building was located on West Lime Street near downtown Lakeland in the Moorehead community.


In the early 1970s, the City of Lakeland purchased the church through imminent domain.  In


1348 N Sidney Avenue    33805

Summary of Church History

Isaac Lane



M. McCarter


T.R. Gurley


W.M. Miller


J.T. Townes

1944 - 1948

Prince Hinson

1948 -

O.T. Harrison


O.V. Thurman


O.B. Barley

1941 - 1944

Thomas Samuels

1959 - 1973


Naman Rogers

1974 - 1975

Huet Sampson

1975 - 1979

O.V. Thurman

- 1958

Willie Williams

1979 -1992

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The information displayed in this section is a small portion of information about the churches established  in Lakeland's Black community during the first 100 years.   We know there is more.  Contact Us if you have information like pictures you don't mind sharing.